Useful Tools to help with your SEO

As the algorithms in search engines changes every time, how people tend to search in search engines changes as well. Even if you have a fantastic website, if you have bad SEO or rank very low in search engines, there will be no traffic. Here are some useful tools that you can use to help improve your SEO:

Moz Pro

Moz Pro takes care of all your SEO needs and requirements. The interface is not that hard to use as well, you can get to know all your website insights and analytics through this tool. Moz Pro helps alot in rank tracking as well as site crawling to investigate issues and many more.


Checking your backlinks doesn’t have to be that difficult with Majestic. You can know all of the backlinks that the websites have with this easy to use software. You can also compare other competitor’s backlinks.


This is especially useful for keyword research. Compared to other keyword research tools, SEMRush shows your competitior’s keywords as well. With just a simple search using your competitor’s URL, you can check out all of their top keywords that they are being ranked for.


It is one of the best tool to use to check if any plagarism or duplicates are involved with your website. Google penalizes those websites that have high plagarism and similarities. Copyscape checks by scanning website pages one by one and give you a report.

Rank Checker

With this tool, you can find out where your website ranks on Google. This tool also shows you some tips on how to improve your ranking. You can easily add it to your toolbars for easy access.
To conclude, SEO doesn’t have to be so stressful with these handy tools. Always look for new ways to try to improve your SEO strategies and make use of extra tools to help. For more information, you can check you SEO Christchurch for all your SEO needs.