Integrity Quotient – The New IQ

“Trustworthiness remainder?” What’s that?

I accept that my Integrity Quotient could really compare to my IQ or lord titles. All things considered, IQ depends on some state sanctioned test that has little to do with carrying on with a significant or beneficial life.

Then again, my Integrity Quotient has to do with how I treat myself as well as other people. That, to me, is important and beneficial, as that will impact my present life, my karma, and every other lifetime that I live.

I propose we think about another definition for the term IQ.

Level of intelligence = Integrity Quotient.

Respectability has to do with wholeness – joining – how you feel inside yourself. When we feel like nothing is wrong with the world, we act uniquely in contrast to when we feel cracked, disengaged, distanced, or lost and befuddled.

Honesty, to me, isn’t about some subjective good code.

It’s about you and me feeling like nothing is wrong with the world inside ourselves.

At the point when what we state and what we do is in arrangement with our emotions, we are making combination – wholeness – inside ourselves.

To accomplish this, we need to assume responsibility for our sentiments, claim our emotions, and assume 100% liability for what we feel and what we do about what we feel.

I’m not pushing having a fit of rage since you’re furious. I’m not looking at saying and doing mean things since you aren’t getting your direction. I’m likewise not looking at blaming dread for treating others with discourtesy.

Having a high respectability remainder originates from adoring, regarding, and regarding yourself as well as other people. It doesn’t originate from some outer good code.

You have a high IQ – a high “Respectability Quotient” – when you are

  • Adoring yourself without judgment or restriction.
  • Adoring yourself so much that you cherish the entire world, as well.
  • Making responsibilities out of affection and regard for other people.
  • Finishing on the duties you make.
  • Ensuring you convey changes to all others included when you need to drop or revamp a dedication.